Star Trek in Karbon Kast

Actor Brent Spiner, best known for his role as Data in Star Trek The Next Generation, is the proud owner of this Star Trek emblem frozen in Karbon Kast.

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Truax Designs is a close-knit group of friends who have a passion for art and design. Christopher Truax is the lead sculptor and founded the company in 2010. After several years of solo success, it was time for the company to grow. In 2014, Mark Boehly joined the team as the company’s lead designer. After branding the company, Mark and Chris soon found out they have similar inspirations and life goals.

Science Fiction is a popular subject found in our work. We love to challenge ourselves with the ideas of bringing pop culture elements to life. Our most popular styles of art include articulated robot sculpture, flying clocks, and freezing objects in carbonite.

Our shop is located in West Linn, Oregon. We’re currently not open to the public, but we can do private showings upon request. All of our work is available to purchase on our website. Don’t forget to check our events page to learn about upcoming shows.


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Co-Owner / Artist


Christopher Truax is the founder and lead sculptor of Truax Designs. He creates striking creatures that look like they might come to life and fly away. In his early years of being a professional sculptor, Chris would build articulated robots made from vintage Thunderbird car parts. These robots were used for stop motion animation and became the company’s iconic mascot. For a brief period of time, Chris also explored the world of Steampunk. This eventually lead to a series of flying appliances such as clocks and toasters.

After several years of building creatures with aluminum wings, a new process known as Karbon Kast was accidentally invented. This process started out as a texturing experiment but after a series of trial and errors, it became its own medium. The early idea was to capture forgotten technologies such as hard drives, game controllers, and various circuit boards. These items would then be frozen in metal so it looks like a modern day fossil. Chris knew he was onto something and wanted help marketing the idea. It wasn’t long before he reached out to a friend that he knew could help.

Christopher Truax Artist from Truax Designs

Co-Owner / Artist


Mark Boehly is the President and lead designer of Truax Designs. He met Christopher in a college sculpture class and joined the team after graduating from design school. Building the company brand and maintaining the web presence are his specialties.

When Mark’s not designing he is often working on new Karbon Kast sculptures. He enjoys the experimentation and often tries to push the process to new limits. One of his recent creations is to blend two-dimensional art with the Karbon Kast technique. So far our fans have enjoyed the results. 3D printing is another technique Mark has brought to the table. This technology has allowed the company to speed up the planning and production process involved in our work.

Mark Boehly Artist from Truax Designs



Skyler Null is an aspiring artist from Portland, Oregon with a history of sculpting and drawing. Working with metal has been Skyler’s focus and is one of his favorite art forms. Skyler has collaborated with Christopher Truax to create an eight-foot-tall elephant sculpture. This piece is currently on display at the City Hall Sculpture Garden in Milwaukie Oregon.

The elephant is titled “Forged Grace” and it was designed to contribute with the weather to receive a rusty finish. Skyler loves to create organic sculpture. Some of his designs look like they came from alien worlds while others are elegant creatures from the jungle.

Currently Skyler has been spending his creative energy working on a series of abstract light sculptures and lamps. Functional art isn’t just inspirational but it’s the next chapter of Truax Designs.

Skyler Null Truax Designs Artist Signature

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